Saturday, June 24, 2006

Just Think

Trick Effect & Routine:

Holding your friend's two wrists with your two hands, you ask him to "just think of one of your hands". After a few seconds, you raise one of his arms, and (of course) you are right! (Correct, that is.)


Isnt it great!!!


Take your friend's right wrist with your left hand and his left wrist with your right hand. Talk you your friend about how you plan to read his mind.

As you are talking to him, shift your hands so that the forefinger of both your hands is directly over the pulse of his wrists. (Don't use your thumbs as they have a pulse of their own.)

Now, as you are holding his wrists in this manner, tell him to close his eyes and to just think of one of his hands. Tell him to visualize that hand.

As he does, an interesting thing happens: The pulse will change in the hand of which he is concentrating. It should slow down, then skip a beat or two, and then become faster. As people are different, however, what you feel from this individual may also be different, so just be aware of any change in the pulse rate.

When you recognize the hand, tell him to open his eyes. Then, just raise that arm and your friend will be amazed!

This can be repeated a few times, but please, don't over-do it.

Note: If the change goes from one hand to the other, note that and raise the arm with the latest change. Then, tell your friend that you know that he first thought of one arm, but then changed his mind.

This is a great trick to do when you have nothing on you at all. You can do this on the beach in your bathing suit!


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