Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Dicey Trick

Trick Effect & Routine:

With your back turned, you give your friend a pair of dice to roll on the table. He stacks the dice and you write down a prediction on a slip of paper. Then, he totals the three sides not showing. He tells you his total and opens your prediction — they match!


What you need:

A pair of dice.
Paper and a pen.


With your back turned towards your friend, ask him to roll the dice on the table and to put one die on top of the other.

Quickly glance at the dice saying, "Just want to make sure you did that.... okay!") and note the top number on the top die. Subtract that number from 14 and write the result on the slip of paper. Fold it and drop it onto the table.

Say, "Looking at the dice, note that there are three sides you can't see — the one face down on the table and the two side touching each other. Now... I want you to add the three side that you cannot see, so carefully (!) pick up the top die and — without turning it — add the two sides that are facing each other... got that? Good... now, replace the die and pick up both dice and look at the side facing the table and add that number to the first number you have.

Now... what is the total you have?"

After they tell you, ask them to open the slip of paper and — of course — the totals match!

Mind Reading

Trick Effect & Routine:

The magician walks out of the room and someone points to any object in the room. The magician returns and is able to tell what the object was.


First, work out a secret color with a friend. When the magician returns, the friend points to a few different objects and asks the magician whether or not the spectator picked it. After a few objects, the friend should point to an object with the same color as the secret color you picked earlier. This tells you that the next object will be the selected one. You can have a lot of fun with this one and even have multiple spectators pick different things.